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Rhett, you are loved.

Rhett has 3 older sisters who love him to pieces. Witnessing the love and care the girls have for their baby brother is something to see. They hold him, kiss him and hug him. They are naturals.

I started photographing the girls years ago. I often look through old photos of them and seeing them now, as older sisters to little Rhett, melts my heart. The different personalities are fun to watch. Goofy smiles, playful banter and they always know who is next in line to hold their brother.

I am looking forward to watching Rhett grow up like I have done with the girls. Neill and Jessica are doing a stand up job with their family and I am blown away on how they keep it so cool!

I do not take for granted my role as a photographer in the lives of the families I photograph. I am humbled and honored to play a small role in their children’s lives, but what really tugs at my heart is the friendship I create with the kids and the adventures we go on. And in this case, Rhett has some catching up to do.



P.S. I made it in a family photo :)

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