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Cat & Elle

I have been revising my website, which means sorting through thousands of photos and deciding on what content to use. This is no easy task. I have photographed many faces and trying to narrow a few dozen down is nuts. But what I do enjoy, is going through all the shoots and weddings I photographed in 2016. I get to relive those moments again. It’s so awesome.

When I came across this particular shoot, I smiled and nodded my head. This is just what I needed. The free spirit that these two girls had at Muir Beach, gave me all the joy. This shoot lifted me up. The bond of these two sisters was so tight and their individual personalities shined through each time I hit the shutter of my camera. Catherine (Cat) and Laurel (Elle) are the gorgeous daughter’s of Alissa and Dave. We spent a late afternoon running from waves and enjoying what the pacific ocean has to offer. These girls are unstoppable. They are fearless. It was a pleasure to photograph this incredible family.

It is still winter. I am cold and I miss the warm rays of the sun. With the help of Cat & Elle, we can begin to feel a little bit of summer and start exploring plans for those warmer months ahead.

Shine on.



Muir Beach is located 16 miles northwest of San Francisco in western Marin county.

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