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The Cousins

What is super awesome about these kiddos, besides being so fun, is that their mom's are identical twins. Laura & Leigh (the twins) decided to get their children together for a cousin photo shoot with me. I have known Laura & Leigh for many years now and have seen these kids grow up with a bond that is similar to what I have with my cousins.

I have many cousins. The average Thanksgiving dinner at the house is about 35 people, but we sometimes have more. To me, having cousins that are so close in age and with similar interests, made my childhood that much better. The kid table at family dinners was always really fun growing up. Heck, it still is! As we all got older, we still remain good friends and I am happy to have them in my life. We get together almost every monday for family dinner ( I go when I am in CA. ) and catch up.

It is easy to drift away from family members. Busy lives take over. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a large family of cousins that remain very close to me.

I see the bond that Madison, Morgan, Hudson & Payson have. I see the happiness Laura and Leigh feel when their children are together. I am humbled as always being able to dive into the lives of people and this time, with these kids, they reminded me to keep up the connection I have with my own cousins.

Keep loving each other.



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