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Nothing like running around golden hills with fun loving kiddos. Meet Jules. She is funny, beautiful and has a smile that brings such light and love to all that know her. We made our way to the golden hills. We watched a woman with her horse stroll by us and in the distant we saw a lot of cows. A whole lot! If you know me, you know that I have huge fondness for these four legged animals.

As the we were walking through the fields, we see a heard of cows get closer & closer. Now they are running. They were even fighting with each other! I mean, these guys are HUGE! Jules continues to laugh, smile & dance. I continue to photograph her. We continued to create photographs that were raw, organic and full of happiness.

I never know what my shoots will start like or end up like. I let nature and my creative mind make those decisions. I let the child be a child and let their freedom control me. What are my fears for a shoot? It is not the clothing a person wears or the weather. It is not the cows running towards us or the sun beaming down in our eyes. My fear is that I do not have enough time on this planet to create memories of people that want to run in hills and smile for me.

My art is my outlet. My way to bring smiles to faces and memories that will never be replaced. For Jules, her smile gave me the reminder that we do live in beautiful world and there are many things to be happy about...even when cows are running at you.



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