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The Legend of Cailleach

A collaboration with the amazing Author, Kirsten Langston

Oidhche Shamhna*

On Samhain she walks The hallowed ground As bones creak and rattle Beneath their mounds

Arise fair Death And greet the dark For on Hallows Eve the Dead do march

She calls to them By many names Arise Arise And walk again

Conjure-child Cailleach-born Winter's priestess Till it be morn

From ceaseless tombs The buried move Like stolen shadows Beneath the moon

When the hurlyburly's done When the battle's lost and won She pulls them back To their eternal womb And drops the veil Of Reaper's gloom

-Kirsten Langston

*Scottish Gaelic meaning Samhain Night Samhain - pronounced Saah-win Gaelic festival of the dead celebrated on October 31st Cailleach - Scottish Gaelic for wise woman, witch. In legend the Cailleach is seen as a seasonal deity or spirit, ruling the winter months between Samhainn (1 November or first day of winter) and Bealltainn(1 May).

Kirsten is a Bay Area native who lives for the story: to write it, to read it,and to live it. Both as a writer and a person, Kirsten loves life and the stories it gives us.

Model: Gemma Allen

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