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The Allen Family in New York

Three months ago, I jammed over to Tara's house to say my goodbyes and to pick up a dozen cupcakes, before heading out to New York. I visit with Tara and Gian at least once a week not because Gian is always making food and feeds me, but it is so nice to talk to these two people about life. I asked them if they would ever want to visit me in New York. Their answer was quick and filled with smiles.

Well, they booked their flights and before I knew it, they were on their way to Brooklyn. When the car pulled up to the steps of our building, I ran out with a huge smile to greet them. They are here!! Some hometown love. I needed it!

With cameras in hand, we made it all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. The American Museum of Natural History, SOHO, Central Park, and my favorite neighborhood, Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

I have been photographing Gemma, my little muse, for 2 years now. She is a wonderful and bright little human and to have her in front of my camera for 4 days in the best city in world, made me one happy photographer. Gemma loved the pizza (Joe's Pizza) , Tara enjoyed the large variety of Vegan eats (by Chloe & Choc Apothecary) & Gian tasted the variety of coffees (Toby's Estate & Oslo). What a wonderful time we all had!



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