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Exploring open spaces.

Baby Mabel arrived last week! But before her world debut, Tracy & Adam spent some time with me. So many moments I loved about this session. The time when Tracy asked me to feel the baby kick while I was photographing her. The time when Adam held his wife’s hand to help her down a hill and looks at her with such care and love. These two are kind and generous. They are also incredibly funny people, the kind of funny that should be bottled up and sold.

Let’s go on an adventure, I say that every time I am with kids and adults on shoots. We are not in a controlled environment..there is no studio. We are walking the hills, enjoying the golden sunsets or escaping rain. The wardrobe changes can happen in the middle of a eucalyptus forest all the while I am on the look-out for random hikers and dog walkers. Hair and makeup are touched up on a path leading the way to explore the green rolling hills covered in wild flowers.

Tracy & Adam are great examples of people who allowed me to create images in places that may not be the easiest to get to. Sometimes, venturing off the beaten path and having an open mind, will create images that are both memorable and beautiful.

Next week I will be meeting and photographing baby Mabel. Although she will only be 2 weeks old, I will still whisper in her little ear that I am here for an adventure. It may not involve trekking through the hills yet, but that time will come soon enough…I hear that the strollers out right now are pretty awesome and adventure worthy.



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