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Stacey & Connor

Summer is in full force and what a lovely time a year to get those family photos done. For Stacey & Connor, July was a perfect time for a mother and son shoot. The evening light was magical, and if you know my work, I go crazy for that smooth, golden light. I grew up one block from the water in Benicia. I spent my entire childhood exploring the driftwood and mossy green rocks. I know these landscapes well and I want to share the fun and adventure with anyone who is open to get their shoes a little muddy. What better place to explore, than an old shipyard!

I showed Connor & Stacey the cement keel blocks and an old shipwreck that is still visible at low tide at Mathew Turner Shipyard Park. The history of this little town is unbelievable and I do my best to not only capture memories of people, but to introduce them to these special places.

Today is Connor's 10th Birthday and this young man has a smile and personality that melts my heart. He loves playing with legos and spends a lot of time with cousins, Brady, Maggie, Lucas & Liam.

Here's to summer adventures and exploring your hometowns!



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